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Our Story

Nick and Jess started dating on September 07, 2006. The two had been in the saxophone section of the Fairmont Senior High School Marching Band for three years together, but only spoke in passing. They started flirting over American Online (AOL) instant messenger (Nick mentioned General Tso's chicken, not knowing food was Jess's love language). After a few weeks, Nick asked if she'd date him. She said she needed to think about it and ask her friends (Nina, Marissa, and Kat—three of the bridesmaids, if you're wondering what they recommended). Nick told Jess she had one week to let him know, as he had other options (he did not).

One week later, Jess let him know they were boyfriend and girlfriend, a title they'd share for the next 15 years, across 13 cell phones, 6 years of long distance, 5 states, 4 university degrees, 2 time zones, 2 high school diplomas, and 1 timeless love. 

On June 04, 2021, they promoted each other to fiancé. On September 10, 2022, they'll become husband and wife. They're excited to share this day—sixteen years in the making—with you. 

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