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Groom's Party

Celi Mackey Oliveto

Celi Oliveto, (aliases include Moonbeam, Vice President of Education and C-LY (pronounced /ˈsēˌlī/)) is the eldest Oliveto sibling.

Honorary Member of the Groom's Party

Daniel Wagner

Dan, sometimes known as David in the Oliveto household, is Celi’s husband and father of Leo.

Honorary Member of the Groom's Party

David Robinson

David, sometimes known as Dan in the Oliveto household, is Julia’s longtime partner.

Groom's Party

Fiona Perotti

Fiona is, by all measures, Nick’s oldest friend and has attended several of his weddings.

Groom's Party

Julia Andre Oliveto

Julia Oliveto, (aliases include Sunshine Sugar Dance, Vice President of Science, Pasquallee (pronounced /pôˈskwôlˌlē/)) is the youngest Oliveto sibling.

Bride's Party

Kathryn Shields

It wasn’t coincidence but, rather, Kathryn who brought Marissa and Jess together in middle school.

Best People

Lea Nienhaus

Jess and Lea are frequent collaborators, starting in the Bawendi Lab where Jess taught Lea how to “cook” lead sulfide nanocrystals, and in the kitchen, where Lea taught Jess how to cook schnitzel and spaetzle.

Bride's Party

Marissa Meadows

Marissa and Jess went from being rivals in Mr. Pitrolo’s 5th grade homeroom, to running the Dunbar Middle School office together in 6th grade.

Bride's Party

Nina Sabak

Nina is simultaneously the most and least reliable friend from Jess’s childhood.

Groom's Party

Robert Lee Bolton III

Bob hated Nick when they first met, as he shared with the West Virginia Supreme Court upon Nick’s swearing into the Bar.

Bride's Party

Sarah Dean

Sarah is Jess's older sister, which means she had the privilege of cable TV in Grafton before the Carrs "upgraded" to a farm in White Hall shortly after Jess's birth.

Groom's Party

Scott Corey Dicken

Scott pity-invited Nick to the College Lunch, a Fairmont bar, one night and has taught him how to have fun ever since.

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