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Celi Mackey Oliveto

Groom's Sister

Celi Oliveto, (aliases include Moonbeam, Vice President of Education and C-LY (pronounced /ˈsēˌlī/)) is the eldest Oliveto sibling. As the senior Hordling, she has spent most of her life worrying about and yelling at younger Olivetos. Much to her chagrin, they have spent all of their lives yelling back.

Nick and Celi met at a young age when their parents introduced them to each other at a play date. While they didn’t hit it off immediately – Celi hiding in a closet, pretending to be a ghost, and scaring Nick; Nick, eliciting Jurassic terror from Celi by leaving giant T-Rex toys in the hallway at night – parental persistence prevailed and the two are as close as brother and sister.

Celi lives in Fairmont, WV, and serves as a National Board-certified teacher of French, English, and Theater at North Marion High School. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in French and Secondary Education with specializations in English and Oral Communications from Fairmont State University. She also received her Masters of Fine Arts degree from Mary Baldwin College's Shakespeare and Performance program.

Most notable of her several professional accomplishments is her probable standing as the current front-runner of the 32 year-old and still ongoing tournament titled, “The Favorite Oliveto Child,” due to the stunning feat in “producing the first grand (and great-grand) child.” Double points were awarded by producing a male on the first try.

While the tournament is long, both the younger Oliveto siblings know this play will be one which they may not be able to beat.

She is also married to Daniel Wanger, one of the two consiglieres to the Groom’s Party. Together they own two dogs, Sif and Gwynt, a good dog and floof, respectively.

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