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Fiona Perotti

Groom's Maid

Fiona is, by all measures, Nick’s oldest friend and has attended several of his weddings. The two met when Celi and a mutual friend coerced a 5-year-old Nick into play marriages with another local playmate. Fiona’s role in the charade was to be witness to the ceremony and bridesmaid.

The two have stayed in contact long after the dissolution of these unions (later in the afternoon of the ceremony, after naps, generally) and share the title of Most Opinionated in Fairmont Senior High School’s graduating class of 2008.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Fiona is now trying her hand at a new role in an Oliveto wedding, groomsmaid (way better word than groomswoman and legitimate for use). While it’s been nearly 25 years since she last participated in an Oliveto wedding, she’s ready to show the boys how it’s done, though she is hopeful this marriage lasts a little longer than the last few of Nick’s matrimonies.

Fiona lives in Asheville, NC, with her pup, Mozzie, and works as a Senior Associate at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP, the largest certified public accounting firm headquartered in the Southern U.S. She is a certified public accountant in the State of North Carolina and Commonwealth of Virginia. She is a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Masters of Professional Accountancy.

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