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Julia Andre Oliveto

Groom's Sister

Julia Oliveto, (aliases include Sunshine Sugar Dance, Vice President of Science, Pasquallee (pronounced /pôˈskwôlˌlē/)) is the youngest Oliveto sibling. As the junior Hordling, she has spent most of her life worrying about herself and advising the older Olivetos to do the same. Much to her chagrin, they have spent all their lives ignoring this advice.

As is to be expected of drinking buddies, Nick does not remember first meeting Julia, nor she remember meeting him. Also, as expected of drinking buddies, both recall the event exclusively through embarrassing photos and others’ memories of that first encounter.

Julia lives in New Mexico with her former downstairs neighbor, David Robinson, one of the two consiglieres to the Groom’s Party. She and David live with three iconic cats, the Black Cat, Chief, and Baby Kitty. Each cat is notable in its own right, but Black Cat, at the time of this writing, deserves special recognition for being the Oliveto most likely to achieve international fame, due to its 2 years shy of being featured on Wikipedia’s entry of World’s Oldest Cats.

Julia currently works for the Department of Energy and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from Fairmont State University. She also received her Masters of Science from Florida State University.

Notable professional talents include her 30-year streak of never taking a good or normal picture.

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