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Marissa Meadows


Marissa and Jess went from being rivals in Mr. Pitrolo’s 5th grade homeroom, to running the Dunbar Middle School office together in 6th grade. Always “a pleasure to have in class,” the two realized they also shared a dark, witty humor, as evidenced by countless AIM chatlogs between superjac610 and rissyrissy90. By high school, Marissa came to depend on Jess to defend her from spiders in the cabin at summer band camps. Jess could always count on Marissa to supply her with the comfort of Mountain Dew Code Red, Oreos, and three oversized cats during weekend sleepovers. Together, they ensured that Kathryn’s best ideas stayed on track.

The two still regularly get together in Fairmont with the other Golden Girls Jr., Kathryn and Nina, and take an obligatory photo together “for their moms.” Their ongoing chatter persists through more modern media, where Jess stays up to date on the issues of today’s “youth” through the lens of a high school teacher during the COVID era.

After obtaining two master’s degrees (in literature and education), Marissa currently teaches English at their alma mater, Fairmont Senior High School. Even after work she wrangles her young golden retriever Mable with the help of her husband A. Jay.

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