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Sarah Dean


Sarah is the bride’s only sibling, four years older. She had the privilege and misfortune of getting to do everything first. Sarah also got to enjoy 5 years of cable cartoons in the Grafton trailer where the Carrs lived before moving to the farm in White Hall just after Jess was born. With merely antenna television, the two had to create their own live entertainment. They recorded a thorough cassette tape library as the emcees, musicians, and newscasters of a (very) local radio show. With daily vocal practice in the shower – tolerated by their loving and supportive parents – the two ultimately became (un)professional duettists, coached by the wedding officiant Dave Rockwood and hired to perform at a single wedding.

As the two grew older, their interests diverged. Sarah was more athletically inclined, while Jess preferred to consume each new Harry Potter book like a tray of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Jess never wanted to play softball with Sarah, which absolutely had nothing to do with Sarah getting a broken arm the one rare time they did. While Sarah went on to study Communications, and Jess to study Chemistry and Math, the two remained connected by their roots, symbolized by the nearly identical green Toyota Camrys they drove to their respective colleges.

Sarah is now an Associate Broker at Picket Fences Realty in Fairmont, and stays entertained by her husband and ham radio operator Mike and lively dog Penelope.

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