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Scott Corey Dicken

Groom's Man

While classmates together in undergrad, Scott introduced Nick to a slightly more questionable segment of the Fairmont State community.

Since their introduction, Nick has seen exponential gains in his bar tabs and recreational softball skills. In exchange, Nick taught Scott the Law School Admissions Test and the finer aspects of the bar exam.

Nick clearly received the better end of the deal.

Today, Scott keeps Nick apprised of the various aspects of practicing law in West Virginia and joins an annual trip down the Gauley River with Nick and Bob. On this trip, Scott makes sure Nick and Bob make new friends and have fun, instead of asking hapless white water rafting guides about their views on trade tariffs with China.

Scott lives in Morgantown, WV with his girlfriend, Sarah Molchan, and their dog, Liberty, where he runs a private law practice providing services in real estate, business transactions, and criminal defense. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Masters of Business Administration from Fairmont State University. He earned his Juris Doctor from West Virginia University College of Law.

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