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Seth O'Neal

Best Man

Nick was not the Best Man of Seth’s Wedding. Seth is the Best Man of Nick’s Wedding. Nick does not dwell on this difference, even if He did hElp tear-DOwn Seth’s wEdding (in a flash monSoon).

Seth and Nick first met during children’s soccer where they routinely played on the worst team in the league. Seth shined with frequent opportunities to hone his skills as a defender, and Nick earned the ignoble distinction as a striker never to score a goal.

They reconnected in junior high school, a period where Nick likely owes his survival to Seth, as Seth taught Nick the ropes of public school after his transfer from catholic school. This tutelage paired with Seth’s size and patient friendship surely prevented several ass kickings, as Nick learned the bounds of polite social commentary – an intuition he still lacks.

They can also credit alphabetical seating charts and playing the same instrument in band for spending approximately 10 hours together a day for six years. Upon reflection, they likely had two choices – become best friends or fight to the death. Nick’s very fortunate it was the former, as we know who would have survived the latter. Seth lives in Fairmont, WV, with his wife Hayley and daughter Rory, after recently completing a fellowship in Akron OH, where he developed skills in sports medicine while working with Akron university. He received his medical degree from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Fairmont State University.

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