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The Dome

The Dome

The alternative folk, electronic dance collective known as “The Dome” by their fan(s) is a Golden Raspberry Award-nominated theater troupe based in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America. Its members are Ahmad, Tom, and Jeffery Paulson Stuby, Junior the Third.

Nick joined the collective sometime during the early 2010’s while living in Herndon, Virginia. Fan(s) of the Dome know this period while the collective served as Artists-in-Residence at Baltimore City, producing their most lasting work, the widely popular trade card game, Domekin.

In the Groom’s Party, they reprise the role for which they are most famous – freeloading groupies who arrive announced but unwelcome to a local city one weekend, terrorize the denizens, and eat purple Doritos until they get sick and go home.

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